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Dialogue between government and business: civilized lobbying instead of behind-the-scenes arrangements

Miroslav Prodan: Dialogue between the state and business: civilized lobbying instead of backstage arrangements

The dialogue between business and government is interesting for both parties. The country is interested in creating new jobs that will help increase the number of taxpayers. Business, however, needs clear rules of the game, optimal taxation, sustainable development conditions, and a minimum corruption component. What Ukraine lacks is the ordinary legislation governing this relationship.

Miroslav Prodan: The concept of lobbyism is distorted in the mass consciousness of Ukrainians 

In other countries, lobbyism is legally regulated. But in the minds of Ukrainian citizens, he is still associated with the “dribble” of spheres of influence, the “cut” of funds from the state budget. Such associations have remained since Soviet times, characterized by a closed list and a narrow circle of people admitted to the secret lobby.

Miroslav Prodan: US experience should be indicative for Ukraine

In the USA, lobbying is not just legalized. It is carefully regulated. There are even specific requirements for the lobbying profession. Every quarter, lobbyists submit reports to the US State Department on the issues under discussion.

In Ukraine, it is essential to introduce global best practices, including the consolidation of legal acts. This strategy will create the necessary basis for establishing relations between the state and business.

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