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Economic education based on the example of Singapore

Miroslav Prodan: Economic education of the nation based on the example of Singapore

Singapore is a small island state, which for a long time, passed into the possession of different countries. Only in the second half of the twentieth century. He managed to become an independent state. From the moment the “Popular Action Party” came to power, the country’s life has changed significantly. Someone may call the politics of this party authoritarian, while others understand the prerequisites for the formation of a Singaporean political mentality.

Miroslav Prodan: Renaming ministries makes no sense

Comparing the political systems of Ukraine and Singapore, we can conclude that they are quite similar. There is also the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries that work with us. It means that the point is not in renaming organs and not in some exotic functions. It is much more critical to ensure sufficient work. So, the Singapore government has focused on turning the country into a financial and commercial center. In conditions where even freshwater has to be imported from Malaysia, other advantages have to be sought.

Miroslav Prodan: The fight against corruption is a measure of success

Singaporeans also got rid of corruption, and at all levels. It is essential to consider that local authorities did not just apply inevitable reprisals. They ensured the most simple administrative procedures, transparency, the absence of obstacles, and unnecessary bodies. The judicial system has also been rebooted. And the salaries of senior officials raised to the level of top managers.

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