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Estonian digital governance should be a leading example for Ukraine

Miroslav Prodan: E-government experience in Estonia should be a leading example for Ukraine.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, most of the national republics, except the Russian Federation, remained in roughly the same position. The Baltic countries at that time certainly could not boast of a large reserve of mineral resources and the significant size of the country. But this did not stop Estonia from making a huge breakthrough, both in the economic, social, and humanitarian sectors. The Estonian GDP level is still one of the highest among the former republics of the USSR.

Miroslav Prodan: The Secret of the Estonian Miracle in the Digital Community

The maximum automation of all public services helped to build a public administration system. The digital transition program is called Tiger Leap. During the implementation of this project, the Estonian authorities were able to provide residents with access to state electronic services. They abandoned live bursts and paper.

Miroslav Prodan: Common bribery can be overcome with the help of digitalization.

The digitalization of public administration in Ukraine could not only provide convenient access to public services. There is another significant problem that can be solved in this way. Using digital solutions, it is possible to eliminate a human factor, ordinary, petty corruption, which is quite annoying for Ukrainian society.

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