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Tax Justice or Political Populism

Miroslav Prodan: Tax Justice or Political Populism

In 2016, a referendum was held in Switzerland to introduce an unconditional basic income. The point is that each citizen of the country would be paid about 2,500 Swiss francs every month. The vast majority of people have abandoned this idea. One of the main arguments against this decision was excessive tax pressure.

Speaking about Ukraine, it is hard to imagine that our citizens would massively refuse preferential payments from the state. But you do not need to be a Swiss citizen to understand that budget money is not free.

Miroslav Prodan: Taxation is a delusion of justice

The first talks about justice in the context of economic were by Adam Smith. Frankly speaking, nobody likes to pay taxes. Therefore, when developing a tax system, it is essential to act delicately. People paying taxes should feel involved in the development of the state. Involvement in public benefit is fostered in the context of a somewhat built tax system.

Miroslav Prodan: Tax justice stimulates a political manipulation

Politicians and political strategists actively use the topic of tax justice in their manipulations. Moreover, some urge almost all taxes to be abolished, while others want to “tighten the screws” for the oligarchs. Meanwhile, it is much more important to focus on sober economic calculation.

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