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Ukraine has not used all investment opportunities yet

Miroslav Prodan: Ukraine has not used all investment opportunities yet

In recent years, Ukraine has signed a large number of international treaties providing for ongoing work on creating a comfortable investment climate. It has yielded specific results, attracting a large number of investments in our economy. But this is not a reason to rest on our laurels since there are still enough opportunities.

Miroslav Prodan: The main problem is investment legislation

Having studied the norms of national legislation, it is already possible to identify the main challenge. The rules protecting the rights of investors are quite fragmented. Therefore, it is necessary to create a single document that will be understandable, accessible, and simple. Investors will not invest in the country without analyzing its legal field. Such a report will make Ukraine more attractive in the eyes of investors.

Miroslav Prodan: Existing laws are outdated

Similar laws have already been passed in Ukraine, but back in the 90s. Since then, not only the primary legislation has changed, but also moral perception. The new regulatory act must take into account modern realities, including not only further actions but also updated jurisprudence. Most of the existing norms today are quite general. Legal slogans sound like populism. They lack imperative, designated rules of conduct. It would help protect foreign investment and attract more foreign investors. What can help today is not only the creation of special investment legislation but also the reform of the entire Ukrainian legal system?


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