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Ukrainian state realities on outsourcing

Miroslav Prodan: Ukrainian state realities on outsourcing

Ukraine has long been discussing the possibility of outsourcing certain public services to private companies. It has existed for a long time and even shows good results. In particular, we are talking about a system of private executors, whose job is to enforce court decisions. Formally, the word “outsourcing” is not used in characterizing this system. But practically, it is nothing else. And almost all administrative services can be transferred to private outsourcing.

Miroslav Prodan: Ukraine is unable to use business potential yet

The Law on Administrative Services, adopted in 2012, left a significant gap in terms of attracting businesses to provide public services. It means that legal regulation does not yet regulate such activities. Meanwhile, the outsourcing services market in other countries is developing differently. For example, in the United States, it exceeded more than $ 500 billion at the federal level. Even the prisons here work on outsourcing because regular payments cost the state cheaper than maintaining state prisons.

Miroslav Prodan: The cost of outsourcing services should be profitable

When planning to transfer public service to private companies, it is essential to consider that outsourcing services are cheaper than the work of government officers. We are talking about the natural laws of price and quality. Consumer citizens need qualitative, fast, and affordable services.


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